Hii!! This time I Niti Goyanka is back with a story on nightmare. And it’s my story friends please read it out. I hope you will definitely like it. And truely speaking it’s not a created story.

Before coming to Samastipur I was at my best school, Udaan International School, a very huge school with huge buildings and lot much place to play.When I was in Standard 8 I was in hostel and I had a roommate Ishita Tibrewal who was my classmate too. I remember it was the time of rainy season and fields were filled with water. There were frogs too who produces irritating sound too. That’s OK. Only our games time were suspended but still we enjoyed.

After having the refreshment we have to go to the evening classes too. Ok we have to form a queue and after that go to the school. From hostel to school we have to walk on our feet around 400 metres. And between that walk I have to stand before Ishita we were just discussing on ghosts only that day. I and Ishita both saw some shadows of different sizes on wall. We thought this is ours. But it is not so. Because our shadows were formed another side. How is it possible two sided shadow of same person. And it was of around 10 and we were 33. How come is it possible? We have seen up, down, right, left but we couldn’t find 10 persons. we reached to school.

And that day we both have a good fight with the boys of our class as we wanted to sit beside window and they too. Finally we won but were shaking our heads after few hours. The place that we chose was nice as we can have a trip to jungles. As my school was in very peaceful area it is surrounded by tall grasses only. We both sat there and before the arrival of our teachers we have a conversation with whole class. But that day neither I nor Ishita was interested in that conversation. We were looking at the windows. And imagining as we were in the jungle. Again those 10 people shadows. What is this? We got frightened for a while!!! After that we closed the windows as Sir has arrived. We studied and completed the evening classes. 

Again we were on the way and flags of each house ( Yellow, Green, Blue, Red)was in a rapid flow.

The way the flag was hoisting we have not observed that type of fast wind while we were going back to hostel. Now, we reached hostel and after 15 minutes we have to go for our dinner. In those 15 minutes I and Ishita both went in our room’s balcony. And there was an oil refinery which lights a lot regularly but not that day. Don’t know why everything was wrong that day we went back to our room. We discussed what we study and now it’s time for our dinner.

We have completed the dinner now we have to study till 10: 30. After that we can sleep. But that day we have studied and our roommates were in a mood to do fun. Till 12 we did lots of fun, jokes, comments, mimicries of students as well as teachers. After that I went to the balcony and a yellowish light was coming directly to our balcony. Only our balcony!!! And the sounds of wild dogs too. We shut the balcony.

We had Double Decker beds in our room. So, that day I planned to sleep on the upper bed. I took my pillow and my water bottle and went. As it was season of rainy. Some of my roommates planned to sleep on floor by bringing the bed mattress down to floor. I don’t know why I was unable to sleep there. But still I tried my best. The yellow light was creating a trouble to me. But still!!! Somehow I slept. And the nightmare which I had was all my roommates have converted into ghosts. In white sari they all were fighting to eat only me. They all were snatching me like I am very precious like a diamond. I dropped my water bottle downwards in tension. Still I have not opened my eyes. One was pulling my leg. One was pulling my hand. One was pulling my head. And I had all those feelings very well. I hold the pillow very tightly and I don’t know why I started to cry. Missing my family very much. Again a white sari ghost she wanted to have me. It was like that she has not eaten anything from lots of days and I am her best food which will full her stomach for a week. I closed my eyes much tightly hold the pillow much tightly and after a few while my pillow too dropped. Now on that bed I had only two things left me myself and my bed sheet. I hold it tightly and due to my activity it too dropped. Now I was much scared I thought now it’s my chance. Best Of Luck Niti. I just slept behind the wall. And completely changed my mind I was saying I am brave and again that white sari woman. I can’t scare from these ghosts. Again that white sari woman. What is this? Somehow it’s about to 5 and I wake up much sooner than anybody and make all the hostel girls wakeup to as we have to go for exercise. Another twist in the story was that my pillow, only my pillow which had dropped was completely wet. And I have checked the bottles of roommates. All were full.



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