None can challenge destiny.  What is written there in the fate will happen. Life gives yoy many set backs. Time clinche your throat and makes you poorest organism. But it is only you who has the power to change your fate and time.


Hi I am back with a poem for my friend. I can’t help directly, so trying indirectly. There are times when everything fails and literature do miracles. I wish if this poem works a miracle for my best friend forever……

My friend, hope is alive,

till the world lies.

The world is till now,

by genius like you.

Some leaves at critical moment,

Some stands behind indirectly.

Some holds your hand,

You have to be stand on and on.

You have to live for someone,

You have to make your mood off.

You have to do lots of struggle,

It’s all the game where you are trapped.

You are chosen for a great blast.

You have to control on your self.

As you have to live on and on

For you family and your world….

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