2017 was the year of ups and downs for me. I failed a lot and got little success in some things. 2017 destroyed me and then constructed me. It was the year of learning and creating values. I was depressed at some time and very happy at the same. Some people loved me and some hated a lot. In all these wonderful experience I have learned a lot.

As my guru once told me “Shubham, learn as much as you can and in the end you must pass your learning to others.”
So I am here to give you lessons for FREE. These lessons will help you to achieve success in life. AND it will give you the power to handle bad time. It will give you the lessons to survive.

Lessons That I Learned In 2017

* In order to rebuild, you must first Destroy.
* Birth and Death are life process. One must accept both gracefully.
* Have patience and let the wave catch you.
* Stop being Dead Serious about Life.
* In the end, we will dissolve in the earth.
* Do or Do Not, There is no such thing as trying
* Love and Respect are the things in between two people. So you can’t say “I love myself”, “I respect myself”.
* Don’t look for Explanation, Look for Exploration.
* Soul is absolute. So there is no such thing as Soulmate.
* Don’t have a belief system. Do according to the situation.
* LOVE and SEX is the little part of the life. Not the entire life.
* Bitch is Bitch no matter how hard you try to turn them into women.
* JFDI Formula – JFDI means Just Fucking Do It.


Lessons That I Learned In 2017
Lessons That I Learned In 2017



This is What I have Learned In 2017. I hope that it will help you in your life further.

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Wish you a happy new year 2018 and a remarkable journey ahead.

Take care and Keep Smiling : )

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