In the world of extreme speed patience still rules. We have mixed our lives so much with speed that we have forgotten that what break is. Taking a break does not always mean going to any distant or far place on vacation. Sometimes all you need to do is to observe. The same surrounding in which you were living from so many days will start appearing beautiful to you. Be an observer because beauty lies with us and within us.

Good afternoon everyone! I am Niti Goyanka here with my new poem. It is about nature and life. Its title is also NATURE AND LIFE. The concept is not new bust beauty is very unique. I think that I am no one to judge my own creation. So I am leaving it up to you guys. Do share your views in the comment box.


Nature and Life

The nature blesses her showers

The life blossoms,

With the rays of sun.


When it rains or thunders

Life takes a new path,

The path may be violent or

Be spread with flowers.


When comes the scorching heat,

There are burdens to overcome.

Burdens can be frustrating

But one has to torture those burdens.


When comes the shivering cold

Life takes a strange direction.

People have to bow their heads down

Even without committing any mistake.


When comes the autumn

There is a great downfall,

It can be the status

Or relationship.


There are trees who give place to

Both snake and butterfly

Some are venomous,

Some are friendly.

The same goes with the life

There are enemies and friends,

It is up to us

To contradict both and live.

                                                                                              –Niti Goyanka


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Niko Soikkeli

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