I have been thinking on the word ‘oblivion’ for more than six months now. I tried finding out its secrets through many sources. I got only a few. Not enough to satisfy my curiosity but at least they can relax me temporarily. I find human evolution a strange phenomenon. The believers of science say that it was just a kind of impossibly possible coincidence of this universe. The believers of some kind of creator think that it was a perfectly planned phenomenon by THE CREATOR Himself. I find both of them very strange and unreal. I might be wrong but at least I am thinking.

The whole thing of the building of universe is still unknown to the great minds of human species. Some claim to know the whole process but till date their theories are only theories not any proved explanation. Some philosophies say that universe created itself. Universe was born from itself. Yeah it is as weird as it sounds. Even if we believe this fact then the question still remains that who are we? Only a specie among millions of species of a planet among millions of planets of a galaxy among millions of galaxies in a multiverse. Less than a dot on the whole mathematical plane. Perhaps this is the truth. We are just another dot on the extreme timeline of this universe. What is our age? 12000 years, if I am not wrong with the numbers. What is the age of this universe? Perhaps uncountable.

Humans have the great desire to be remembered forever, to be admired forever by the next generations. But we are forgetting a fact that ‘Forever is a lie’. If one thinks that he/she will survive forever in the memories of next generation then I find it as the most misleading concept of this human species. Who will remember us? Everything will end at a time. There will be Dooms day. Shakespeare tried to immortalize his friend in the sonnet 55, Not Marbles nor the Gilded Monuments. Many of us know about this sonnet. Many of us know about Shakespeare. But who knows about the friend whom he tried to immortalize? None.  Who will remember Shakespeare after human species? None. So what we are doing now? Nothing.

Survival is not life. At the end all of us have to get dissolved in oblivion. It is waiting for us. If there was a beginning of the universe then there will be end. And end is end. Nothing after that remains. So what is the purpose of human life? To make the world a better place. But why? It won’t change anything in this universe. Universe is infinite. Taking out something or giving in something won’t change the infinite. Infinite remains infinite. Forever? Now that is the question.


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Paxson Woelber

7 thoughts on “At the end we all get dissolved in the OBLIVION.

  1. It is a very humble feeling to see you again Mr. Rishab Kumar. I hope you are enjoying your days. It seemed nice to find out that you still remember your old friends. Thank you for taking a minute out of your most precious time and thinking about them.. Will love to meet you again.

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