“Everything changes with time, By everything I mean everything. Some faces changes. Some don’t, they just reveal who they really are.”

Now I know what it feels like to be broken. Yes, I am broken and even more than that. My broken pieces of heart are burnt completely in the fire. It has turned into the ashes. And the fire has turned into the fire of hate. My anger, I don’t know where he is. Maybe he is just waiting for the right time. I am feeling, feeling like going to somewhere or nowhere. Maybe I wanted to go to the emptiness. I am burning. The fire of hate is burning me, every second, every millisecond, from inside. I hate what she did to me. I hate her face, her body, her curves and her edges, I just hate her from the core of pot which contains ashes of my heart.

I am not able to clean my eyes. The color of my eyes has turned to reddish yellow. I don’t know how to describe this condition. I don’t know about the ways to describe being destroyed. I am writing this for nothing. Maybe I am writing to explain what I am feeling right now or to remind the future me about all the traits and pain I am going through right now.

A part of me wants to die. Another part wants to live like hell. Again another part of me wants to write to explain a tip of the iceberg of pain and pains which I am feeling right now.

I am divided into different parts. A part of me is dying every second just because I have survived the trait by the beautiful face of a bitch. A part of me is living the remaining life like hell. And the other part of me is writing about the two parts…


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