Namaste everyone! I am Ayush, today with a question mark. Actually this question mark is a poem which was born when I was finding some answers. I don’t know about the answer but certainly these words are worth sharing. I hope that you guys would enjoy it… Don’t forget to drop your comment in the comment box as they are valuable to us.


It started with the

Demand of freedom,

But resulted in a

Huge and unwanted explosion.

And I just stood there

Witnessing the rush of the hour

Where everyone tried becoming

The victim by using their

Useless power.


I have kept this moment

In my memory box

Not for the greatness

But for the grief,

As it perfectly symbolises

The future and

Their cheap deeds.


Those deeds just shattered

My heart into pieces,

And questioned me that

Who I am?

Am I just a rookie of this show?

Or the creator of this whole spam?


Because I never realised

When this freedom changed into

A violent fight,

And this whole demanding thing

Changed into a useless riot.

But the truth is that

There is only darkness

Standing at the end of this road

Ready to hug them tight.


Now when I look back at it

I feel ashamed

Because there is no one

Really to be blamed.

And I am afraid that

Few years later

It will become a new trend

Where there will be no humanity

And no real shame.


Still there remains

The same question that

Who is the creator of this spark?

Which has now turned into

A burning fire

Leaving the deep and deadly scars.

But I fear that there is only

Emptiness waiting for us

Because the answer is

Itself a question mark.


Featured Image Credit-

Emily Morter

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