Hii guys!! Lets have a trip to Latin America, Spain, , Italy, France and Greece only. Hope you will enjoy the trip.

S. No Words Derived Language English Meaning
1 Ab antiquo Latin from olden time
2 Badaud French a simpleton
3 Con dolore Italian with grief
4 Detenu French a prisoner
5 Es tanicia Spanish a mansion
6 Fillius nullius Latin a bastard
7 Gemuthlicheit Greek good nature
8 Humanum est errare Latin to err is human
9 Ivresse French drunkenness
10 Juste milieu French the happy medium
11 Ktema es aei Greek a possession to be kept for ever
12 L’allergo Italian the cheerful man
13 Mon ami French my friend
14 Nisi Dominus frusta Latin unless God be with you, your toil is in vain
15 Omnia vincit amor Latin love conquers all things
16 Pia fraus Latin pious fraud
17 Quis separabit (:at) Who shall separate us?
18 Ruse de gueree French a stratagem of war
19 Sun sum corda Latin lift up your hearts
20 Tete-a-tete French head to head, private talk
21 Usus loquendi Latin current usage of speech
22 Vis- a-vis French opposite,facing
23 Weltgeist Greek world spirit
24 Xystum Latin a shaded walk in garden
25 Yaboo Persian An afghan pony
26 Zeit vertreib Greek a pastime

Hope you all have enjoyed the trip.

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