Life is like a sea saw. Yeah the ones on which we used to play when we were happiest creatures. To rise in something you have to sacrifice something. It is all about keeping the balance. You cannot have the taste of every success. You cannot win every match. This is how the life works. If there is up then there will be down too.

Hello everyone! I am Ayush. I know that I was a bit silent in past few days. I am sorry for that. I am here with my creation. Actually I wrote it a few months ago. While turning the pages of my diary I found this lying in a corner. I think that it is worth sharing with you after all an idea can never be wasteful. So yeah, I am here with a new poem titled as THE SKY. It reveals the glory and grief of mine. The poem is yours to judge for. Your thoughts on it are welcomed.


Staring at the sky
I wonder,
That how far can I travel
With this blunder?
Because it has started
To haunt me from within,
Scratching brutally
Every part of my skin.

It grabs me from behind
Every time I try to shout,
It clinches my lungs
And screws my throat.
It appears like a horror movie
Playing inside a big hall
Where I am the only audience
And ‘Darkness’ the plot.

I tried millions of ways
To escape from this shit
But some how I always get surrounded by it.
I can feel it in
Every bit of my life,
Crawling on my body
And decreasing my heights.

Now it has started sucking me
From inside as Vampires do
And leaving me far behind
In the game of ‘We Two’.
But still it is stuck to me
As the most permanent glue,
Soaking from my life
Every possible hue.

And I don’t know what to answer
The person standing in the mirror,
Whose stares reminds me of the
Reality and gives me the scariest shivers.
Because in return I only have
Tons of tears
Accompanied by some of the most
Fatal fears.

Because I have went lost
In my own hometown,
As its gazes are burning
My skin brown.
With wet eyes,
I have fallen down
As I am seeing someone else
Ready to hold ‘My Crown’.


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KC Luk

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