I am a student of 10th grade. I have my examinations next month but surprisingly I am busy in finding answers of some unanswerable questions. This quest is wonderful as there are no rules, no restrictions, only I and the world.

I woke up today at 5 o’clock and went on walk at 5:30. It is my daily routine and I find it fascinating. As I take exit from my house and enter in the arms of the nature I become a free man. Earlier I used to walk in a particular field but nowadays I just roam on unknown paths. I just roam freely. At that time in the morning there is only darkness. The street lights become disco lights and all I could hear is wind. The silence rules, the darkness supports. The wind blows and I just hug each of them opening my arms. Nobody watches me at that moment. I dance on the songs being played inside my heart. I taste the sweetness of the breeze which kisses my face constantly. The roads which used to shout at noon become empty and I and only I claim possession over them. I feel like a king.

And then the best part comes. I turn my head upwards and just gaze at the sky. I see a moon shining boldly in between millions of stars. I witness this at 5:30am. I feel love under moonlight that too in morning. My steps forces me to come back from unknown destinations as I live in a materialistic world but my heart falls in love with them every day. And this is when I feel every single cell of mine smiling at their best. Is this love? I don’t know or perhaps I don’t want to know.

We live in a world of competition. We live in a materialistic world. Race is important. But sometimes it is necessary to leave your mind behind and let yourself to be loved. And I think I do this on daily basis. It is not just a walk, it is my way to fall in arms of nature. She performs the magic. I just sit there and witness her. That brings a smile on my face presenting my white teeth in front of the world. At that dark moment I gain the greatest light. Is this love? I don’t know or perhaps I don’t want to..



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John Silliman

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