My head was bursting with pain. Stars appeared before my eyes. The light seemed a little bit hazy but still I opened my eyes. I realized that my feet were not feeling anything. A huge bucket came towards me and I faced a splash of water on my body. I regained my consciousness. I tried to stand but I discovered that my right leg was seriously injured. Blood surrounded my body and I lied down there on my back. I knew what was coming. I looked to Sam and said him to run `away. He completely disagreed. ‘I am not going to end up on you. Definitely not now’.

‘They are coming. Stop being stupid. Run.’

He seemed like he was not interested in my words. He went to the other side of the cabin and returned with a piece of cloth. He wrapped it around my leg, held me in his arms and started running through the tunnel.

‘You won’t make it, you know that.’ I said.

‘Yeah I know but I would prefer dying as a superhero than just receiving a bullet without any action..’ He said smiling.

‘You are stupid.’

‘Yeah I know I am.’

I and my friend Sam came to Kashmir on tour. We were enjoying the paradise until yesterday a though changed everything. To explore the boundaries of white snow I and my friend went out of the hotel at midnight. We aimed at having some fun but we had never imagined that the fun would prove this wrong. Roaming on unknown paths brought us to a camp. The first glimpse of it assured us that we are in a wrong place. We tried escaping but they followed us. I got injured but luckily my friend dragged me to an empty house and I fainted there.

Two days went past. I was still surprised that I was alive. The pain reduced probably because I got used to it. We ran into a forest. We were being searched by them but luckily we found a lonely cave which provided us shelter. We could not escape nor could we stay because there was nothing to eat. The dilemma was in front of us. Either we shall due to hunger or we shall die due to bullets. My heroic friend chose the latter one. We went out and heard the firing. We could see the cops battling with our enemies. A sense of relief went through our nerves.

Two hours later I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital. There was no one in the room. I got up with all my strength and went out. I saw Sam being interviewed by different channels.

‘I came one handed and punched one terrorist on the nose and he fainted at that very moment.’ I heard Sam say8ing this. I just smiled and looked at him with the thought that this dumb creature had just saved my life. It was hard to believe. He looked at me and said to the interviewer, ‘Here he comes. He is alive due to me. I saved him.’ He laughed and I felt lucky to have this dumb creature.



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