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My name is Shubham Saurav and I am a Programmer. Today, I have some good stuff to share with you. So stick to this post and read the next 190 word which has the potential to change your life.

“My first piece of advice is the hardest, and it has nothing to do with your performance. Never fall in love. Love is a poison. Once you fall in love, you loose control over your life— your heart and mind belongs to someone else. Your existence is threatened. You start to do everything to hold to your loved one and lose all sense of danger. Love, that inexplicable and dangerous thing, sweeps everything you are from the face of the earth and, in its place, leaves only what your beloved wants you to be.”
From “The Spy” by Paulo Coelho.
What I Think:
I think that we should love something as love gives meaning to the life. Love gives a reason to live. We should should something that has no physical state. We should love our work as your work gives you identity and defines your life. We should have intimacy with our work. We should treat our work like a better half. And I can guarantee you that if you will practice this in your entire life then my dear friend you will be remembered till the judgement day.

The Computer Programmer
~Shubham Saurav



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