When you lie somewhere between the two destinies you tend to think. And that thinking gives birth to a new dimension of your life. And that dimension leads you to a new quest which has some meaning at the end of the journey.

Life is a strange phenomenon. Nobody has discovered its meaning. There are many to claim that they have achieved this feat but unfortunately they are not able to convey its meaning to the others. Why it so? Because the knowledge is earned through life. The meaning is understood through process. You can pass on the books you can narrate the experience but you can never pass on the feeling. The meaning always remains sacred to the person who knows it. It changes with every brain.

Hiii guys!! I ‘m back, Yup!! after a long time but I ‘m alive… This time with one of my most lovable poem… Hope you will enjoy…


                                        The Meaning

A word was there

I was looking for its meaning

Looking in dictionary

Checking out on Google,

But still was unable to understand

Again I read my English book

Asked from teacher

Understood but only till book

Once I was crying…

Once I was laughing…

At the same moment

But for what…

I got its meaning

                                                                                                                          -Niti Goyanka



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