Perhaps the most hard and painful thing is keeping a secret from this world. Everyone has some secrets. Few of them are totally unexpected while few are common. Keeping secrets is a good thing because one should never show his whole weapons. Secrets are as beautiful as moon.

Hello everyone! I am Ayush here with a new composition. It is titled as THE MOON. The moon is a poem on secrets. In fact this poem is itself a secret. I hope that you guys will enjoy this creation. Do share this and don’t forget to drop the comments.



He sat next to me

And opened his heart

As he tried telling the thing

But still remained short.

I hoped over him

And showered tons of expressions

And he remained there silently

Without any declaration.


I looked into his gaze,

It was unearthly.

Quite priceless

And quite worthy.

It appeared to me

As a mirror of pain

Reflecting all his efforts

That went in vain.


He wanted a bright morning

And a warm noon

But all his grief

Made him fall for the moon.

And the darkness himself

Made him his friend

Changing his destined path

With a slight but curvy bend.


His eyes silently searched something

And then smiled like heaven

Which appeared like a rainbow

Containing its perfect seven.

I was still waiting for the moment

When he will burst out

Perhaps in the form of tears

Or any loud shout.


But he stood again

In his stance favourite

Happily keeping with himself

His deep secret.

As it was his only treasure

Which kept him alive

And the only pleasure

Which made him survive.


And he gradually walked away

Without looking behind

Leaving a deep question

Inside my curious mind.

But I remained there

Waiting for the noon

But silently I got to know

That even I was falling for the moon.



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