Hello friends! I am back. In previous part I discussed about the actual meaning of time. If you have missed out that then you can check it out on this link: Time Travel: Part 1.

We live in a world where we see every object in 3-dimensions that is length, breadth and height. Have you ever imagined of the 4th dimension? Have you ever thought of what time is? Who created time? Can time be destroyed? We can feel time due to motion that is day, night, winter, summer, etc. Everyday we are getting older and older. It is also an effect of time. The origin and the history of time beyond our imagination. Many scientists had tried to explain what time is. According to Aristotle, time is continuous chain of events. Motion can be fast or slow, but time remains constant. We all feel the same time that is 1 hour per hour.

By the law of relativity given by Sir Einstein, had changed the view of time. According to him, Time is not same everywhere. One second on Earth is not equal to the one second on Jupiter. He proved this by very complicated mathematical equations. Time and space is interlinked with each other. Which is also known as space time. By the formula E=mc2, Einstein proved that mass of an object can change the time. He also proved that no object in the universe can travel more than the speed of light that 3 lac kilometer per hour. It was the concept of Sir Albert Einstein about time. Now the question arises that is time travel possible? How can it be true?

I will discuss this in the next part of this series. Till then be curious about time travel and be with me on www.dashh.in You can share your views in the comment box.

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13 thoughts on “Time Travel part 2

  1. Yeah ! Time travel can be possible by travelling at the speed more than that of speed of light . Also as we go more distance from the earth the time of our earth will be more changed that is much more than time traveller . As time travelling concept is connected to not only velocity but also distance . As the concept of 4th dimension said new term time it means that the time is not fixed for this dimension means change by length breadth & height . Yes You are thinking fight time travel can be possible by dimension travel . As the 3rd dimension body is made up of 2nd dimension surface therefore the 4th dimension is made from 3rd dimension surface . It is not possible to dimension travel by this body means that we can only live in 3rd dimension with this body . As philosophy of our puran and ved said Aatma, gods lived in 4th,5th,6th and so on to infinity level . So more research is have to be done to reveal this mystery

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