Hello everyone! This is my new poem. I wrote it a few days ago. It is open for u guys now to share your views on it. Cheers!

Too Many

Too many days

Too many weeks

Too many months have passed

In listening the agonies

In listening the pains

In listening the cries that last.

I don’t even remember

The purpose of choosing

This path,

What I do

Is the sound of tears

The sound of fears

The sound of scares

Who laugh.


I need a pause

I need a break

I need a leave from this race

As it is hard to run

Hard to jump

And harder to maintain the pace.

Because I don’t find any way here

To let my feelings embrace

To feel the wind

To heal the wound

To kiss the sun’s grace.


I find myself running somewhere

In between thousands of

Literate fools,

Without my smile

Without my wits

Without my artistic tools.


As this race is weird

So do the runners

Without any destination

To reach.

And I still see

Oceans of hope

Oceans of determination

Ocean of scars

On the faces of each.


So for a moment,

For a breath

For a life, I pause.

To laugh at nonsense

To smile at beauty

To blush without the cause.

As I let me here

To feel the silence

To heal the violence

Till the die is cast.


Too many days

Too many weeks

Too many months

Have passed.



Featured Image Credit-

Vladimir Malyutin



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