Once more I am back with a blog on truth and lie the daily scenario of our common life. For us what does truth mean? The thing which has really happened. If dictated to any person it should be truly said. Is this only truth? And for us lie means the self created story by any person me or the another person. Wow!!!!!! This is lie. No, friends never. If you are thinking so then forget.

I am clarifying you both truth and lie. We human beings are living on a mortal earth. Here we met a lot of persons regularly at a regular interval. And there is a link between each and every person. I think when we have to show off then we used lie a lot. But actually I wanted to know what is the need to show off. To show the friends that you are rich. If so then it can never be called friendship. To help anybody but do you know one day you your self will have to commit that lie.

If a well talented person is in front of you and you are lying and lying. Do you know you can be trapped too because in this world anybody can’t understand anybody. If he/she will start questioning you then you just see how easily you will be trapped. The lies which you have told you will forget soon. As you know you are lying you will be nervous too. And at that moment you will forget what you said and you will forget what you said earlier.

And I am sure if you have spoken truth you will definitely not have to create a story. And always remember that for one lie you have to tell 100s of lies. What is this. Isn’t it possible that you keep on telling truth only. I know that there are situations where you have to lie. But you can reveal also. Anywhere it is not written that you can’t reveal the truth after telling lie. If you are taking the help of lie in a situation where you will also be in profit and another person will also be then it’s good. But if you won’t reveal you are hitting axe on your own legs. So, I wish God will give you some brain and you will not tell lie on small things.

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