Hello everyone! Just a small poem from a deep heart. Its open for your opinions.

Where am I?


Where am I?

What am I doing

Inside this puzzled maze

Without any exits

And entrances?

Where the cry of the heart

Is ignored by the

Brainly mind.

The love and the smile

Are replaced

By the money unkind.

The wind still blows,

The sun still greets

And the stars still love.

But do we notice them?

Perhaps not, because we are the

Most advanced breeds of blinds.


Here the race seems


Propagating just

Nonsense of life.

Makes it hard to live

And harder to survive.

Makes the service

Easy for riches

And easier by bribes.

And we still say

Enjoy the world

With a smile.


I don’t know

That whether it is just positivity

Or a harsh lie.

Because I find it

Hard to laugh

And harder to cry.

So I question myself.

What am I doing?

Where am I?



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