Today I am once more back with a very interesting topic that Why Bihar Is Lacking Behind? The reason is clear poverty and lack of education. But I think poverty is correct but lack of education is right as well as not.

I think in your mind really it has been stucked that how am I saying lack of education is not right. As we all know that each and every state has its own board. There are lot much of person today in Bihar who are from Bihar Board instead from CBSE or ICSE. And I think comparing to CBSE students Bihar Board students are much intelligent in all the subjects except English. One thing more I am not talking about all students I am talking about those who really study. 

I have compared all the books of CBSE Schools and Bihar Board. And I found that Bihar Board books were much better than CBSE. Just there was only one thing which doesn’t sound good to me was Hindi. Everything is perfect but Hindi??????????. I don’t know why? And suddenly the students have to face a very difficult exam of English after passing the boards? What the hell is this?? I don’t know why Dr. Ashok Chaudhary is not taking action on it.

I am sure if Bihar Board students will start studying English from Class 1 onwards. They would have been somewhere else. Really this system is not good at all what is this for ten years, ten years Oh God!! there is no any subject called English. And suddenly it comes with a shock in the exam. Really what is this?

I am sure if the student will start studying English they will definitely have a perfect job at a perfect company. Another thing is also mentality which I have discussed earlier with you. Once more I am saying if the humans will start living in this Bihar then the people of Mumbai and Delhi will have to come to Bihar and I’m bit sure they would definitely make it hometown too. Just two things as per me will be good in Bihar then everyone want to live here. Just mentality and English of the people of Bihar will be awesome, tremendous, marvellous…………… 😆  😀  😛 

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