I don’t know what I say. I don’t know what to write. My life is messed up and I am the reason. I want to go somewhere. I want to restart but I am unable to do so. There is something which I am missing. Something which I am unable to find. I am broken. I don’t know anything. All I want is to sleep. Sleep forever. ~ Shubham Saurav. Dec 26,2017

Sitting on the chair
In the center which provides
But what about internal injury
What about the ashes
Of the heart which
Once loved a face
Of a traitor
Or a bitch
You can say.

Ahh! that was a pain
Pain in my existence
Given by a known face
Which once kissed me
On my cheeks.

It was a painful slap
On the same cheek
Without a physical touch
Which made me broken
For a moment
And then destroyed me
For the rest.

Now I am here
Making my story
A history from which
I and you can learn
To make some point clear.


I always wanted to
Rebuild myself
But something was wrong
And nothing was right
I was missing something
Which was needed.

After the destructive incident
I have found
It was the destroyer
Which I needed the most
In order to rebuild myself
She becomes the one
Who destroyed me
Thinking to harm me
I got what I needed
She did what she wanted.

Here I am
With my story
Which has turned into history
With a lesson to teach.

“In order to rebuild
You must first destroy.”

~Shubham Saurav
Date – Dec 22, 2017

Copyright Disclaimer: This poem belongs to Shubham Saurav. No one is allowed to copy the theme or entire poem or any of the part of this poem. This is a copyright protected poem. Any kind of copy of this poem will be illegal.

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